“Aveda Mane Street Hair Salons is AMAZING! The salons atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Jeff is a fantastic hair colourist and stylist. I have been a client of his for the last 8 years. My hair has never looked better. He styles, colours and highlights my hair. I have received tons of compliments! Jeff has taught me ways to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy by using quality Aveda products, for example the Aveda color/conserve shampoo and be curly conditioner. Also, I use regularly the Aveda pure abundance style-prep and control force styling products which have made  a significant difference in the way my hair looks and feels. I would highly recommend all these products mentioned. I am never letting anyone else but Jeff even THINK of touching my hair again! Thank you, Jeff. With gratitude, Lisa.”
Lisa N.


Why I Go to Mane Street
professional, courteous, caring and welcoming staff
excellent cuts, styles and colouring
staff members always go the ‘extra mile’
top quality Aveda hair and makeup products
Jeff Robins, owner, supports his community in countless ways
Jeff is also encouraging and supportive of young people who wish to pursue a hairdressing career through our high school co-op programs
attractive and clean environment
Margie (a 15-year customer)


To Jeffrey Robins, Owner, Master Stylist and Educator of Aveda Mane Street Hair Salon, Owen Sound
My comment to Jeff,  that after using Aveda Hair Colour, I find my hair is in the best condition it has ever been.  The Salon is known for exemplary customer service, and the staff are always professional.  My husband and I have been clients of Aveda Mane Street for approximately 20 years now.  Jeff and his staff support and educate co-op students from local schools and quite frequently end up hiring them.

Jeff has just returned from an Aveda conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota where most of the Aveda product is made.  96% of Aveda is of natural substance.  The quality shows in your hair.  He tells me he is soon to attend another Aveda conference in India to learn more about product and business.  This shows the commitment to their clients.
Mary D, Owen Sound


Just want to say thanks to Jeff for all the years of awesome service.  I started with Jeff back in the early 80’s.  Over the years I wandered to other stylists but I ended up returning to Jeff because he knows how to cut my hair. The products that he uses are good.  The  Aveda Control Paste  does last a long time.
Donna G.


As I mentioned to you when I was in to-day.

I have really bad dandruff….Nuclear dandruff would be a better description.
I have really really dry skin and scalp.
I have a number of dark suits and had to continually brush my shoulders….it was quite embarrassing.

I have tried numerous brands of dandruff shampoo with little to no success…nothing works.

I tried the Aveda shampoo and it is absolutely amazing…..No more dandruff.
Right from the very first time….

I’m sold on it…

Thanks for suggesting it.
Gord W


For years I have had a small bald spot near the base of my hairline on one side.  It was very small, about the size of half a penny.  In February of 2014 while travelling, one of my kids was talking about losing hair.  I said that I had a small bald spot myself and showed them.  I thought they were teasing me saying how large the spot was.  They took a photo and showed me.  Oh my god!!!! It was now the size of a loonie.  I had no idea.  Jeff had been cutting my hair for a few years and was leaving the back a bit longer to cover the spot, but I had no idea it had ballooned to this size.  I started to think I was now losing my hair but seemed weird it was starting in that spot.

I discussed this with Jeff and he stated that the spot may have become bigger as a result of an injury and surgery which may have caused trauma and “The Spot”.  He suggested using this thing called Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer along with the shampoo.  Now, being a guy and not really caring about which shampoo I use, I didn’t care, and would purchase the items and give it a go.  Over the course of about 2 months the spot began to fill in.  Eventually the spot was completely filled in and there wasn’t even a sign that I ever had a bald spot.  The hair blended in with the rest of it and you could not tell the difference around it.  Even the small spot I had for years had filled in.  I can now have my hair cut a bit shorter at the back without seeing that I even had the issue.

Thanks Jeff, for your knowledge and assistance.  The product worked exactly like you said.


“Thank you Jeff, I love my hair!  I wanted to liven it up but was really reluctant to go back to an all-over colour.  The foils you suggested with the darker natural shade and the lighter tone blends so well and naturally with my white hair, that I’ve had lots of people tell me that it really does take years off!  The great cut is easy to care for, especially with the Aveda be curly shampoo and Aveda color conserve daily color protect leave-in treatment.  I did as you suggested and tried the Aveda products, and then went back to the drugstore brand I had been using before.  No comparison!  With the Aveda products, my hair practically styles itself and is shiny and soft.  I’ll be sticking with the Aveda products from now on!”
Joanne G.


I came to Mane Street Hair Salon almost 10 years ago because of dealing with drastic hair loss. My hair had become so thin and I was desperate for a solution. Jeff had a product that within days stopped my hair from falling out and with his help over the next year I regained my confidence that I was not going to be bald. It’s been years since I’ve had the extreme hair loss. I’ve been using Aveda products since they came to Mane Street and I just love the products. I considered what hair I was loosing to be a normal amount. Jeff introduced to me the new Aveda product for hair loss and I just want to say its fantastic. I was regularly cleaning my brush but now there is next to no hair in my brush after a week. I alternate my usual Aveda with the hair loss system and its amazing. My hair is in great shape and it just feels so good to see next to no hair in the brush. Thank you JEFF and thank you AVEDA.
Sincerely Lisa


To anyone who wants the best,

My story with Aveda Mane Street started back on June 1st 2013. Since about mid-January of 2013 I had noticed my hair thinning and a bald spot developing and getting worst by every week that passed. That’s when my spouse suggested going to see Jeff at Aveda Mane Street back in May, that’s when I finally said to myself what can it hurt so go see what Jeff and his team could do for me as apposed to just going to a hair salon that is more interested in getting as many people in and out of the doors and not really caring or even suggesting treatment, or advise on how to address my hair loss. When I first stepped into Jeff’s wonderful salon I was greeted by a pair of friendly young ladies that welcomed me into the salon and asked how I was doing and if there was anything that they could do or help me with, When I said that I was hoping to make an appointment to see Jeff the young ladies behind the counter asked when would be a good time for me, I requested if Jeff would be available on Saturday, hmmm give me one second one of the young ladies said and then went to Jeff who was servicing a customer at his cutting chair, Jeff then excused himself to the customer that he was helping, Jeff and the young lady returned to the counter and Jeff introduced himself and shook my hand and I introduced myself. Jeff then took a look at his day that he had on Saturday and with a full day ahead of him, he managed to squeeze me in that morning (this was on the Thursday a day and a half before Saturday). I thanked Jeff and the young ladies for their time and finding a way to get me in. On that warm Saturday morning of June 1st I was nervous about going to see Jeff for the first time, what is he going to say, what if he says sorry there is nothing to be done with my thinning hair and growing bald spot, maybe I’ll have to shave my head….. What will people think or say. These are some of the many thoughts and fears that passed through my thoughts. As I walked into Aveda Mane Street hair salon I was again greeted by a friendly face of a young lady behind the counter. The young lady asked my if there was anything that she could do for me, I responded by saying I’m here to see Jeff, She then said ok, have a seat and I’ll let Jeff know that you’re here, would you like a coffee the young lady asked? I smiled and said thanks for the offer but I’m ok right now. As I sat nervously waiting to see Jeff I just took a moment to soak in the warm environment of which I was sitting in, I noticed that everyone is so friendly and accommodating. A few minutes later a young lady said to come on back to get my hair washed, as she washed my hair she massaged my scalp which felt intoxicating and relaxing at that moment I thought to myself this is going to be ok. In what seemed like a timeless moment of relaxation, the young lady was finished with washing and massaging my hair and scalp. Right this was she said as the young lady directed my to Jeff’s cutting station. A moment later Jeff came over to me and said “good morning, how are you this morning?” I retorted with I’m doing ok, but as you can probably tell my hair is thinning and I have a growing bald spot, I’m in sales and I’m stressing pretty hard about this, please tell me you can help me out”. Jeff than responded by saying no problem, I have just the fix for you. This is when Jeff introduced me to the Aveda product lineup. Jeff started by showing me the Aveda invati scalp revitalizer. This product is awesome!! It smells amazing and is easy to use and it does exactly what it is named, it revitalizes your scalp. The next two products Jeff showed me was the Aveda Exfoliating Shampoo and the Aveda Thickening Conditioner. These two products do exactly what they say they do, exfoliate and thicken your hair. The best part about all of these products is that a little goes a long way. Since June 1st when I first purchased these products I am still using my original Exfoliating Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner. Jeff and I then in a great conversation about hockey and sports and as Jeff and I chatted he was giving me the best hair cut I think I have ever had. When Jeff had finished up cutting and styling my hair he walked with down to the counter and then he created a file for me and what he had done and tracking the unbelievable progress of my hair and hair regrowth. All I have to say is that if you want the best experience of feeling welcomed appreciated and satisfied with a truly amazing event for you and your hair, there is no other place to go except Aveda Mane Street. Jeff and his incredible team will take the best care of you and your needs. If you don’t want to be just another face in a crowd of people who just shuffle you along then you have to go to Aveda Mane Street Hair Salon. Take it from a guy who has been in sales and customer service his whole life.
Mark P.


Thank you Jeffrey for being so appreciative, being modest enough to give some credit to my ability to transfer the
knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to put together and be able to pass on the information.
I may have been gifted enough to teach but you had the gift of recognizing the difference, after all what i believe is that
it’s all about putting 10 points together using common sense and logic. That’s the framework, then one might add some creativity.
Nearly all the credit must go to you, you have worked your arse off for years and deserve the success.
Robin Barker


The very first time I went to Mane Street I decided that day that I needed a hair cut and just picked a place out of the phone book. They accommodated me that day. When I got there (with an infant and pre-schooler in tow) I worried about bringing my kids in with me. It is such a nice salon. The staff made us feel more than welcome. One stylist played with my daughter and Jeff carried the baby around while I got my hair styled. I was sold. I will only go to Mane Street Salon now. The service is excellent and there is a really fun vibe.
Stacey M


“One day a few years ago I was in getting my haircut, Jeff and his staff suggested I try some of the Aveda products. I thought, what could be the big deal and just kept using what I was using. They were persistent every time I came in, so I purchased a couple of things, tried some samples. Well, I’m converted. In our household we use the shampoo and conditioner, my wife loves the make-up products…and the Mint body lotion is unreal!
You can take my word…or better yet try it yourself. Jeff and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. You won’t be disappointed.”
Michael T.


Was in a few weeks ago and had an amazing experience, I get lots of compliments on my hair and I felt like a new person when I left, the staff at Mane Street are amazing people and they really know what customer service is all about, keep up the good work!
Hollie B.


Just wanted to say how much I love the Aveda Control Paste.  It not only gives my hair great control and shine but it lasts forever.  I bought my first jar two years ago and I use it every day.  I JUST  replaced it with a new jar.  That’s amazing.  It pays to buy quality products.
You and the staff are so friendly and professional that I always leave Aveda Mane Street with a smile on my face and a great haircut!
Thank you


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for fixing my colour, I love it!
I remember coming to you about three years ago when we first moved up here and was very happy with your salon. I even recommended it to my husband, who is very particular and is still incredibly happy here.
The only problem I had, was that it is one hour away!
So…for two and a half years I went to a hairdresser who was only 15 minutes away. After several unpIeasant experiences over two and a half years, I realized that closer, is not necessarily better.
After coming home after inferior service for outrageous prices, time and time again, Rich kept saying “go to Jeffrey!”
I finally did and I realized that Jeffrey Robins -you are worth the drive! Thank you for listening to me, giving me exactly what I asked for, and thank you for the exemplary service I have received – from every single person in your salon. Everyone there makes me feel like a VIP!
Mari S


Hey Jeff and Staff,
I just had the opportunity to use your new Aveda Smooth Infusion.  I absolutely love it !!  My hair has a lot of natural curl and with this humid weather, along comes the frizzies…..I just add Smooth Infusion after I shampoo and it makes my hair nice and wavy.  Still curls, but much softer.
Thanks Jeff and staff for always bringing new products from Aveda for us to try !!
Mary D


Just came home from getting another great cut and colour from Jeff and thought I would share a testimonial about Aveda control paste. came home from Cuba a couple of weeks ago and when I left thought I would just take cheap paste out of the drugstore instead of my usual paste (Aveda control paste) big mistake! Store brand would not hold my hair for even an afternoon had to keep washing my hair and re-pasting it everday when we would go for dinner so it at least would look decent for dinner. I am not going without my Aveda again.


Thank you dear Jeff, you listened to me and you helped me to trust you. We worked together and with your patience and amazing creativity I have hair I am proud of! I wanted to grow in my silver hair but did not like how it looked. You have given me such a natural great look. People compliment me and comment on my hair like it is a style rather than a ‘growing out’ phase. Instead of feeling old I feel energized and proud of my silver hair! Thank You!
Kathy L


So glad Mane Street was recommended to me Jeff does a fantastic cut and colour and everyone makes you feel so comfortable was always a huge fear to change stylists but so glad I did and it wasn’t so scary. It was a great cut the very first time!
Elaine J


Dear Jeff,
I wanted to let you know that I am so happy I followed your advice and bought the Aveda Invati products of shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer. As you might recall I had quite a hair loss after my chemo treatment in the winter and after using your products was happy to see a reversal in the spring. This held on even after my next 3 months cycle of chemo treatment which finished just now. Not only did I not lose more hair but the earlier improvements are still evident and ongoing. I have actually gained all my hair back and I believe that it is mainly due to the excellent Aveda Invati products. Thank you, Jeff, for your good advice and your excellent care !
Helga M